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XIAMEN ASA SUNGLSSES CO., LTD is a professional manufacture for sunglasses and optical frames since 2005. XIAMEN ASA was found by the Knobbout family from the Netherlands. They started the sunglasses brand "Space" in 1984 , which became extremely successful during the 1980's and 1990's. Because of the huge amount that they sold in those years. They wanted to open a sunglasses factory that can produce for themselves with better quality control. In 2005 , Eric and Marco Knobbout moved to XIAMEN CHINA to build and manage XIAMEN ASA. Marco Knobbout is the CEO of XIAMEN ASA , Erick Knobbout is the Marketing director of XIAMEN ASA. After two years running ,XIAMEN ASA became very professional in manufacturing sunglasses ,Eric and Marco decided to open their manufacturing line for the other sunglasses customers who wanted to buy sunglasses from XIAMEN ASA .Some clients are very big organization like WALMART,HEMA,AS WATSON ,CARREFOUR etc., they became very close to XIAMEN ASA, and consistently bought from XIAMEN ASA. On the meantime, XIAMEN ASA also manufacture for many private labels for all over the world ,These private labels sunglasses are selling in South Africa, Australia, USA, Sweden, England, Germany, Finland, Uruguay, Brazil etc.

What makes XIAMEN ASA become so competitive against other factories? This is not a secret, it is very simple: as Eric always says: clean! clean! clean! clean! clean! clean! Extremely clean production environment without pollution. Clean production material, no recycle material.(Many buyers didn't realize that the cheap recycle material for the frame of the sunglasses will deform in the store or in the warehouse, that means the shape is not stable ,will not fit the customer’s face anymore, a lot of merchandises are already lost in the business because of this issue).

XIAMEN ASA is very strict on quality control , we have a complete system to control the quality from starting material to finishing goods ,the quality concern of sunglasses is very important for the brands, like :smooth frame, glossy brushing ,clear logo print, strong structure, good optical performance of the lens, clean package, these are all the points that can impact the image of the sunglasses brand.

XIAMEN ASA has advanced machines and high work efficiency to reduce the manufacture cost to be the lowest, so we can supply customers the optical quality sunglasses with the competitive price and the good quality control. XIAMEN ASA is open for all the people who are eager to develop your sunglasses business, and we are exciting to start it with you in this business.


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